my name is
Jurgen Beck
Executive Technology Shepherd



Building a house needs architectural plans, so do complex software projects. That's what I do, and I'm passionate about it!

functional design

It's like the interior design of your home. Want to maximize how your solution works? Add functional design to it.


Guiding your project to fresh waters and making sure it stays healthy is what I do best.

future prove

Counting the cost and knowing what solutions to introduce will help you grow and watch the bottom line.


Who am I?

Ever run into an individual who eats and breathes technology? No, not the nerdy kid from high school. The guy who's got an answer to every possible conundrum you could ever run into with your software projects. Well, in all humbleness, that's my world.

As a software architect, I look for the little details that can so easily derail a project and work extremely hard to find cost-appropriate solutions. I strive to bring creative concepts to implementing your goals.

If you need someone to shepherd your project and keep everything running smooth, let me help you achieve your goals. After all, it's what I eat and breath!


  • Systems Architecture

  • Software Development

  • Requirements Documentation

  • Project Shepherding

  • Technology Guru

  • Tech Answers


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